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Design Puzzles

Use the grid editor to design your puzzle. Use the Inspector to set colors, fonts, and layout.
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Generate Puzzles

Use Puzzle Maker's advanced algorithm to automatically create crossword and word searches for you. For crosswords, Puzzle Maker can find dense word clusters and maximizes the number of word crossings.
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Export as a web page

Want to share your puzzle with the world? Puzzle Maker lets you export your puzzle as an interactive web page, so people all over the world can solve your puzzle. Upload your puzzles to MyWordPuzzles.com
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Export to .puz

Export to your crosswords to the popular .puz file format, and play your puzzles in crossword players such as Black Ink by Red Sweater Software.
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Export to image

Export your puzzles to a high quality image (PDF or PNG), so they can be included in another document or a website.
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Export to Pages

Need to edit your puzzle document further? Export your puzzles to Pages, the word processor by Apple. Then you can create books and newsletters that include your puzzle.
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Export to iBooks Author

Include interactive crosswords or word searches, playable on the iPad, in your upcoming eBook made with iBooks Author.
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Supports Unicode

Create puzzles using any alphabet supported on the Mac. Puzzle Maker even supports right-to-left languages such as Hebrew.
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Nice Printouts

Tired of your puzzles looking like they were printed off a web site? With Puzzle Maker, your printed puzzles will look great - no website logos, no unwanted text.